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Why it Matters

Our roots lie in the products we manufacture, package and distribute to customers nationwide. We’re a Minnesota-based business that knows that results are what matters to you. That’s why we’ve taken the experience we’ve gained along the way, offer it up, and customize it for your individual business’ needs. No matter where you’re at in your business life cycle, we’re here to help.

Store It.

American Logistics & Packaging can help with your warehousing & commercial storage needs.

Box It.

American Logistics & Packaging can help with your packaging design needs.

Ship It.

American Logistics & Packaging can help with your shipping & fulfillment needs.

We're here to help.

We have available Warehouse Space to Rent in the Midwest.

Starting or expanding your business can be expensive, especially when you factor in buying or renting warehouse space in addition to rent, insurance, utilities, and other expenses. However, in many cases, it makes more sense to invest in warehouse storage because of the many benefits it offers over other options. As long as you know what to look for, warehouse storage can help you save money, time, and effort while giving you easy access to your products and materials when you need them most.

Some of the services we offer in our Sauk Rapids, Minnesota warehouse include:

  • Palletizing
  • Oversized Pallet Handling
  • Handling In & Out
  • Forklift Operator
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Truck Pickup & Delivery
  • UPS Scheduling
  • Commercial Carrier Pickup & Delivery
  • Warehouse Customer Access
  • Pallets for Purchase
  • Shipping Paperwork Sending
  • Monthly Inventory Reporting
  • Lot Tracking & Labeling

We'd love to talk warehouses with you.

Many warehouses in the region are completely full, causing delays in responding to your needs. Our exceptional customer service sets us apart. We’re here to help with any questions you might have and to help you navigate our quoting process.

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The Third Party Logistics Solution You Need

You’re in good hands. We handle your 3PL order fulfillment needs from start to finish.


  • Receive, sort, and assemble kit components
  • Manage preassembled inventory
  • Create professional packaging materials

Order Fulfillment

  • 24-72 hour fulfillment time
  • Seamlessly manage Pick, Pack & Ship Orders
  • Realtime order status & tracking visibility

Interested in our 3PL services?

We take care of all of your order fulfillment needs from start to finish so you don’t need to allocate manpower or budget resources on it.

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